How to get steam trade link

Trade skin with your friends

If you won game skin from third-party, exchanged game items with others or received a skin as a gift, you need to offer you steam trade link to close the deal. Here is the guide tell you how to find your steam trade link.


Find out your steam trade link

Open steam game client, click your steam id, go to inventory at dropdown menu.

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Inventory window will pop-up, click trade offers button.

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This windows show all trade offers, if it's empty, it will show message "you have no incoming trade offers at this time". Click "who can send me trade offers?" link.

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You will find your steam trade link at bottom of the page. Friends section show all friends can send you trade offers while inventory privacy includes friends. If you want to trade with others, trading forum is a good place. By click trading forum, it will go to forum where lots of people sell or buy skin or other game items. You can inactive old trade link and generate new one by click "Create new URL" button.

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IF you can't find your steam trade link at page above or third-party can't access your trade link, you need to make the trade link be "public". Follow the steps below.


Change inventory status

Open steam client and go to Steam profile > Edit Profile. Clike "My Privacy Settings" link at right Edit section. Change "Inventory" status to "public". Click "Save Changes" to save all the changes you made.

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